Meet the Doctor

What Does Dr. Steve Clark Do?

As a Naturopath Dr. Clark uses his extensive knowledge of immunology, biochemistry, nutrition and hormone balance to synthesize individual treatments. The object of your personalized care is to help your body heal by identifying and removing the process that led to your illness.

Dr. Clark provides an education that allows you to maintain your health with diet and appropriate treatments – supplements, vitamins, minerals, and tinctures.

Dr. Steve Clark also uses a variety of physical medicine modalities to work on structural abnormalities. These treatments can alleviate or cure adhesions, pains, and functional abnormalities of bones, muscles and tissues. Common causes of these problems include surgery, injury or other trauma.

In addition, Dr. Clark has advanced understanding of digestion and immunology which allow for unparalleled treatment protocols for many digestive, immunologic, allergic, hormonal and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Clark critically analyzes a variety of laboratory results to identify problems before they become severe illness. Dr. Clark also creates integrative treatments for cooperation between conventional and alternative therapies.